Few days ago, Kiwi Technology′s partner IIJ, the largest virtual operation company (TYO: 3774, NASDAQ: IIJI) established the alliance with Sumitomo (TYO: 8503) (Top 500 FORTUNE Global 2018) to target at smart agriculture, and dedicate on precision agriculture, product development, manufacture and commercialization. The new technology will increase production efficiency and profit of the producer. It will be deployed from rice, wheat, soybean, sugar cane and other fields. At the same time, from the cooperation with IIJ and Sumitomo, we believe it will speed up LoRaWAN IoT applications and industry upgrading in Japan.

Kiwi Technology is the only supplier for this LPWAN solution, and we provide the simple, fast installation, and cost-effective all-in-one solution, data and platform service.

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