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Food Safety

360-Degree 、

No Blind Area、

Paperless IOT Management Platform

Food Safety

From Farm to Fork

Kiwi Technology helps you complete HACCP requirements and food hygiene regulations effortlessly. With a wide range of food safety monitoring solutions, we ensure that food is safely stored within the specified temperature range.

Smart temperature monitoring management system to solve traditional manual transcription, record, save and manage requires a lot of manpower and difficult to quickly reflect food safety problems, using new IoT temperature sensor and wireless IoT technology, cloud-based IoT, with high efficiency and automation. The record, the completion of large-scale real-time data management, the deployment of intelligent temperature monitoring management system to protect consumers' food safety. With this system, approximately 57% of the labor cost can be optimized.

The scope of HACCP includes everything from the farm to the entire supply chain – from farm to food service, processing, transportation, storage, retail and packaging.

Comprehensive Service System

Offering from temperature sensors, IoT gateways to IoT network deployment implementation, cloud data storage, equipment management and alarm warning systems, a complete set of IoT service solution and platform.

Innovative Service Platform

Provide IoT network planning and deployment and platform management, as well as 24/7 real-time temperature monitoring services.

High Efficiency & Low Cost Service Deployment Capability

The extremely tiny temperature sensor design, ready-to-use solution , place and go installation, super quickly to deploy a large-scale IoT network.

High Quality Product & Long Battery Lifespan

Super high quality temperature sensor design, product can be used for at least 5 years without replacing the battery.

No Blind Area

The longest indoor transmission distance technology and wide coverage, only a few IoT indoor gateways can be fully covered.

Comprehensive Intelligent Temperature Monitoring & Management

End-to-end solution, Meets HACCP regulation.

The system has three features : remote monitoring, automatic uploading, and timely response.

Real-time Alarm

Once it is found that the monitoring data exceeds the threshold, it will provide real-time warning to relevant responsible personnel in the form of platform warning, email delivery and mobile APP.

Data Analysis & Visualization

Data report analysis, Historical data query and analysis, the data can be displayed in a variety of ways such as band diagrams and pie charts, and the changes of data are clear to be checked.


After installation, the achieve results are, helping customers save costs and increasing brand image.

APP Management

The mobile APP can perform real-time data query, alarm warning record, sensor location and other functions. In addition to the instant alarm notification, it can also assist the PC-side platform to quickly manage and display data.


Cloud database or local database storage, document organization, files are easily saved and retrieved on the go, environmental friendliness.