Smart Building

LoRa-based IoT network enables indoor temperature, humidity, air quality monitoring, personnel and asset indoor positioning to create a comfortable and green office environment. With a comfortable, efficient, energy-saving, low-cost, safe and intelligent case-wide service, management is orderly, intensive, and efficient. Kiwi is to create a comprehensive indoor smart environment monitoring service for smart building..

Smart Air Quality Monitoring and Management

  • End-to-end IoT solution.
  • It complies with public area air quality regulation and monitoring ambient temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide.
  • The system has three features: remote monitoring, automatic uploading, and timely response.

Personnel Location Service

The extremely simple Bluetooth BEACON sensor design enables rapid completion of large-scale positioning and tracking deployment.

Real-time Asset Positioning

Asset monitoring, geo-fence , and early alarm out of from safe area.

Reporting & Data Analysis Services

Report & statistics, visualization, data collection of temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration data in the office and building, to assist in the analysis and implementation of energy-saving and air-conditioning operations.